Discovering The Abandoned Places In North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the original 13 colonies states that instructed its delegates to vote for independence from the British Crown. Once the Revolutionary War was over, North Carolina developed into a slave plantation system.

North Carolina also became one of the eleven states that seceded from the United States, resulting in the Civil War. North Carolina’s history has seen several ups and downs, and this dynamic history has created some of the historical places that are now abandoned.

In this article, we will talk about a few abandoned places that have their mark on North Carolina history pages.

Abandoned Places In North Carolina (NC)

abandoned places in North Carolina

Abandoned places have an aura that attracts and repels people simultaneously. The stealthy atmosphere, mysterious fog, and overgrown trees encapsulate the abandoned places making them curious.

If we are talking about abandoned places in North Carolina, you will be surprised by the sheer number. Visiting these sites, you can feel the energy that once a part of these locations.

However, today these places fall under the abandoned places in NC. Some of these places are overtaken by nature’s forces, while some are in bad condition due to changing weather. If you are an adventurer, then these places have everything to get your adrenaline rushing.

1. Ghost Town In The Sky

Ghost Town is a dream project of a Virginian native, R.B. Coburn, who wanted to create the wild west in North Carolina. R.B. Coburn purchased a piece of land at the foot of a great smoky mountain and created an infrastructure that soon became one of the world’s top tourist attractions.

The park was divided into several sections depicting different themes at different allegations. The total cost of constructing the part was $1 million at the time. With time several other features were added to make the park easily accessible by the audiences.

The park was always in need of maintenance. It seemed Coburn was not qualified to maintain the park. After an accident where chair lift malfunction left people hanging for two hours, Coburn decided to close the door of the park and sold the property.

Since Ghost Town has been abandoned in the mountains, making it one of the interesting abandoned places in North Carolina.

2. The Old Cannon Memorial Hospital

Next on our list is an abandoned hospital. This place also ranks our haunted place list. The Old Cannon Memorial Hospital was built in 1962 with the intention of replacing outdated Grace hospital III.

However, the Old Cannon Hospital merges itself with the neighboring city hospital, abandoning the original infrastructure in 1999. Since then, this hospital stands alone in the wild.

Over time, the building has been converted into a spooky place, making it one of the best abandoned places in North Carolina to spend your weekend.

3. Castle Mont Rouge

We all love fairy tale castles, but more than that, we love abandoned castles with ghostly vibes to them. Deep in the North Carolina forest’s middle lies an abandoned fairy tale castle, Castle Mont Rouge.

The castle is the result of a local artist. This castle was made as a part-time studio. Unfortunately, the castle was not able to attract people towards itself and soon was left abandoned.

Today the castle has become one of the most enticing abandoned places in NC for people who love exploring old castles and buildings.

4. North Wilkesboro Speedway

North Wilkesboro Speedway was one of the international circuits for speed racing. Enoch Stanlyt opened it in 1947 as a dirt track. Soon this speedway became popular and started hosting NASCAR races.

Enoch drew his inspiration from creating a race track from stock car racing. After several attempts, Enoch was able to get its first investment of $1500 and complete the tracks.

Despite being one of the popular race tracks, today, the race track is abandoned with only adventurers as viewers. 

5. Davis Hospital

Nothing feels more haunted and terrified than an abandoned hospital. Davis is the second hospital on our list. It is one of the old hospitals located in Statesville and is linked with several ghost stories.

Davis Hospital was once a booming hospital offering its services to hundreds of patients every day. But, today, the hospital has fallen to decay after relocating itself in the 1980s.

Many haunted local folktales related to the hospital spark an interest to add this place to the discovery checklist of the most abandoned places in North Carolina.

6. Henry River Mill

The Henry River Mill was opened in 1905, and like other towns, prosperity followed. Before anybody knew, the town grew encapsulation of more than 20 buildings. These buildings were populated by people who exclusively worked at the mills.

The town and mill lasted for only half a century. As the industry was introduced to technological innovation, Henry River Mill grew less and less useful. The town was abandoned in 1987, and since then, it is nothing more than a ghost town. It is the only abandoned place in NC that is up for sale.

7. Endor Iron Furnace

The Endor Iron Furnace holds a memorable place in North Carolina history. You can find the Endor Iron Furnace in the middle of the 426-acre natural park. The furnace is itself 35 feet tall and is made by stacking bricks in the form of layers.

This Iron Furnace is an important part of North Carolina History. This furnace was used to make material that has been used in the civil war. While you will explore the natural park, you will find the furnace near a river.

Although the Endor Iron Furnace was in service for only a decade, it was left in the wild after the civil war came to an end. Today, it is one of the most amazing abandoned places in North Carolina.

Final Thoughts

Whether you live in North Carolina or other states, visiting these abandoned places in NC will surely make you feel excited. Those who are more into urban exploration, you will find that venturing North Carolina is easy. The laws are fairly simple to understand and get permission from the trespassing laws.

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