About Us

First of all, we’d like to say that we love visitors to UnconventionalUSA. You might have already guessed from the name, but we are proudly unconventional. 

On this platform, we are trying to direct you toward delicious cuisines, helping you pick up the right jeans for the Friday night out and giving you insights related to stock investments. If you want a tour around the world, we are happy to guide you through that as well. 

Here at UnconventionalUSA, we have a team of writers who are experts in niches like travel, lifestyle, business, tech, fashion, and real estate. We love to share expert knowledge in all of these niches. This is a global platform, and we like to put together pieces from around the world and across niches. 

We love to create content for the global audience, and we also love to hear what they have to say. We welcome Bloggers, writers, and authors from all parts of the world to share their Unconventional (unique!) ideas and stories about all the conventional things that this planet has to offer.  

The world is built upon many conventions; as a platform, we shall reform it unconventionally with new ideas and stories. We are all ears if you have any story to share through our unconventional platform. 

How Do We Work?

A team of editors ensures that the content we are publishing meets the criteria that our platform follows. Once our editors verify your article, and if it meets the criteria of our guidelines, then we will go ahead with the publication. 

Also, we recommend writers be dedicated to the pieces they want to publish. We don’t accept loose ends, misinformation in the content. Ensure that the readers get what they came looking for on the platform. If you have any guest post requests or want to run ads, you can fill out the contact form or email us at webmaster@redhatmedia.net. We request you to be patient; once you have filled out the required info, we will reach out to you.