What Cultural Traits Define The United States Of America?

Cultural traits are all about the individual characteristics that form a group and influence the environment around it. Once the cultural traits are created, it is transmitted to the other people. It serves as a replication unit that can be modified and molded down to become a part of cultural society.

Every nation has something unique that makes them different from the other nations. The unique things we are talking about here are the cultural traits. It is due to these traits, most people dream about living in America.

America is a place where dreams are nourished. This has only been possible due to the cultural trait that allows America to dream about nurturing the environment.

What Cultural Traits Define America?

cultural traits

There are four supporting pillars of America: Freedom, Equality, Individualism, and Growth, that have been standing strong since the first day of American. These four pillars are the core part of the American cultural traits.

These traits are what make America the most powerful and free nation in the world. Let’s discuss these cultural traits in detail.

1. Freedom

Americans feel strongly about their freedom as individuals. The sense of freedom lies deep inside the points they do not like when the other individuals and government meddle with their personal life affairs.

By freedom, Americans mean to have full control over their destiny without any outside interference. The desire to be free from everything was a core value to build the new nation of America in 1776. Since then, this value has continued attracting immigrants to this country.

However, there is a cost that comes with freedom: Self Reliance. Individuals must learn to rely on themselves or risk losing their freedom. Every individual must take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

2. Equality

Equality might be the most influential trait among all the cultural traits of America that attracts immigrants from all around the world is Equality. America is considered to be the best place to enjoy equality. Hence, people believe that America gives everyone success.

Generations of immigrants have come to American knowing that America has an environment free from any political, religious, and social influences and caters better chances to enjoy success.

The title of nobility is forbidden in American, which restricted the nation from building any class system. This belief of Americans has been attracting immigrants from its early days. In the early days, many European immigrants came to America in the hope of succeeding and free themselves from the binding of social statuses.

3. Informality

The notion of freedom and treating everyone equally have made the American informal with thor approach. When you start talking with an American, you will find how informal they are while adhering to you.

When you visit America, you will see store clerks and waiters introducing themselves by the first name and treating their customers with a friendlier approach.

Most people get quite confused on their first visit to America and find the informal approach quite disrespectful. Well, these are the people who belong from nations where there is no such concept of “All people are created equal”.

Formal speech and body language are reserved for only formal events. Other than that, you can see Americans slouching on the chairs and leaning on the wall while talking with others.

4. Individualism

Perhaps Individuality is the most visible out of all cultural traits in America. All Americans believe that they are a single building block of America supporting American pillars. Every American is trained from childhood to prioritize individuality.

Here individuality means, an American is responsible for themselves and the action they take. The roots of individuality lie deep to the point where an American is expected to take care of themselves after they are 18. This is why you will find almost all Americans leave their parent’s house once they are in college.

You can even say that they are not trained to closely-knit themselves to form groups, tribes, or nations.

5. Work Ethics

We have talked about how Americans can be informal and believe in equality and individualism, but when it comes down to work ethics, they can be very professional about the work. Americans are focused creatures when it comes down to work.

We only consider the Japanese to be workaholics but forget to notice that Americans share the same work cultural traits. Most people who visit from different nations feel that Americans work too much.

Work ethic in America is something that is talked about worldwide. Americans believe that keeping themselves busy is a good thing. The work ethic is deeply rooted in their culture. In fact, the people who take care of the home are called “HomeMakers” and get respect for this occupation as much as any others.

Take Away

These cultural traits are what make America what we see today. In fact, it is due to these traits people want to be a part of the USA. The United States believes that having these traits and beliefs is necessary to have its own value in life.

Despite having all the reasons to be prideful and boast about its achievement, being an American and we must humble ourselves by reminding us how we fell short of God’s expectations.

Americans should be grateful that we have these cultural traits that make us different from other nations. However, we mustn’t forget that even our countries have flaws that need to be taken care of. 

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