On Which Social Network Should You Share Content Most Frequently?

On which social network should you share content most frequently? This question goes through the mind of so many individuals, especially marketers. There is a long list of social media networks and posting on all of them is virtually impossible. The challenge is determining the platforms that you should frequently share your content on. 

In the modern digital age, smart brands or businesses optimize their social media marketing. As you plan your marketing campaigns, you may wish to join as many social platforms as possible. However, this is a very big mistake when it comes to running social media campaigns. 

On Which Social Network Should You Share Content

on which social network should you share content most frequently?

There are some platforms that will be a waste of your time because your audience rarely uses them. You need to choose a platform that will take your marketing efforts to the next level. The big question here is on which social network should you share content most frequently? Here are some three points to put into consideration in order to make the right decision.

1. The Goals of Your Business

There is so much that a brand can do on social media. This may include getting to know your customers better, gaining more customers, increasing brand awareness, promoting products, and selling among others. The use of social media has so many benefits. The things you need to ask yourself here is which goals do you have for your business. 

2. Where are Your Audiences Online?

The accessibility that social media gives you to your customers or audience is not available in the other traditional marketing platforms. You will read comments on product posts and evaluate responses to events and other things that get posted in your stories. Given the power of analytics and influencing, your audience engagement insight will increase significantly. 

Your target audience is the center of the universe on social media. The secret is looking for platforms where your audience is active most of the time. Unless you are a giant brand, opening a social media account on any platform will not make your clients follow you. Do a lot of research to discover where they hang out most of the time then join them. Remember the customer is the king and it is you to look for them. 

The best formula for discovering where your customers are is doing your research, using analytics programs, and enquiring from your current clients. You can give your current clients a quick survey to fill. It will give you great insights on which social network should you share content with most frequently. 

3. Which Type of Content Benefits Your Audience and Goals

The creation of content is more of an art. There are people who really know how to make the great content magic happen and you could be among them. Once you understand your audience and goals, it will not be hard to create content that is appealing. The secret is knowing the preferences of your customers and the platforms that they use. 

In case you are a writer and would like to promote long text forms, you can go for Instagram. For human resource officers who are targeting professionals, Instagram may not work perfectly for you.  

If you are a creative professional, foodie, and business that sells décor, jewelry, clothing, etc. the best places are Facebook and Instagram. Things like your target audience, brand personality, and industry dictate the type of content that you should be posting. 

After figuring out all this, you need to know the various content types that you can select from. The main ones include blogs, PDF and eBook documents, live streams, user-generated content, sound and music, images, videos, and podcasts. The type of content dictates on which social network you should share content most frequently. 

On which social network should you share content most frequently?

You need to consider several things in order to find the right social platforms to share your content frequently. It is not bad to just take a few minutes for a reason like a foodie. You have mixed all the ingredients in a single bow: content, audience, and goals. It is now time for you to start cooking. 

Like preparing a perfect meal, you need to consider several factors as you set up a social media profile for your brand. These include the popular content types that are shared on every platform, app features, and demographics among others. 

Check other businesses that offer similar products and services like yours. See where these companies target their clients and it is working perfectly for them. It will help you to determine on which social network you should share content most frequently. 


Networking platforms help users to interact in different ways. The leading networking platforms include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can share interesting things about your business on these networking sites. You can also share text, pictures, and videos to update your clients on stuff that matters to them most. These platforms are excellent for establishing online communities. 

Facebook is a great platform for posting general content as well as specialized topics. Followers open your links easily and comment on them. 

Another great place to share links for your content is Twitter. The only challenge is that it does not give you a lot of space. Your followers can retweet easily hence expanding your reach. You can share your own content or post links that are relevant to your industry. It is a great platform for posting the content of your heart. The above platforms will give you a better understanding of your preferences, single out your competitors, and boost your online presence. 

On which social network should you share content most frequently.

Video and Photo

One of the best platforms for sharing photos is Instagram and it is closely followed by Pinterest. Instagram has an increased focus on eCommerce and diverse features hence forming a great platform for audio-visual content. 

Its long-form content feature or IGTV is relatively new that makes it drag behind Vimeo and YouTube when dealing with video content. The biggest video content-sharing social platform is YouTube with more than two billion active monthly users. 

Final Thoughts

The guiding principle is the type of content that you are posting and where your clients hang most of the time. However, the big four include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. For LinkedIn and Facebook, you can do 2 to 5 posts per week. For Twitter, you will increase your visibility by sharing more posts. When dealing with frequency, you need to establish a schedule and make sure that you stick to it. One thing that social media users love is consistency and hence you may need a scheduling platform to keep your content coming. 

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