Pet Peeves List – 10 Pet Peeves Which Everyone Finds Annoying

Getting annoyed is something that many people like to avoid by all means. However, this is exactly what happens or what has been happening with some people. A friend or even your worker can do something that might send you into full-blown rage.  Knowing some of the pet peeves can help you avoid them when you see them.  

There are many pet peeves behaviors that tend to annoy many people.  The bad thing is that everyone tends to have their own set of pet peeves list.  This, therefore, means that it is somehow hard to predict an individual’s pet peeves.  This bit about pet peeves means that dealing with pet peeves is somehow difficult in some cases.  

Common Pet Peeves That That People Find Annoying 

There are so many types of pet peeves on the pet peeves list meaning knowing all of them is somehow difficult.  Without knowing them, it might not be easy for you to find appropriate ways of avoiding them when there is a need to do so.  This is why it is very important to at least take time to look at some of the common pet peeves people exhibit at different places.  

The article below takes a look at some of the common pet peeves many people find annoying.  Considering the fact these pet peeves vary it is important to at least look at the pet peeves list to allow you a better idea of all of them.

However, knowing one or two pet peeves about a friend might put you in a prime position of avoiding some of them. This is exactly why you need to take time and study the pet peeves of your friends and even relatives for you to remain on the right side of things.

1. Micromanagement 

It is very annoying when people are told that they cannot do their work in the right way. This thing is normally very annoying and leaves so many of them unimpressed.  Micromanaging falls right on the pet peeves list if it means right on top of people.  

2. Drinking or even chewing loudly 

There are very few things that disturb people when eating like eating and drinking loudly. This behavior in itself is regarded as being rude because of the fact that it is unpleasant to many people. If you do this or have been doing this for some time now then know that you are nagging a lot. Falling right on the list of pet peeves list, this is something you need to avoid. 

3. Being late 

People tend to have various excuses for not coming to work on time. Some even miss coming to work and give excuses in the end because of it.  This is something that has been going on in many places but it generally sucks.  If you are doing this then better stop it right away, it is not the right thing to do and another addition to the pet peeves list

4. Interrupting

The temptation to always cut in between conversations and voice in something is always hard to resist.  As a result, you might say a thing or two in the middle of a conversation, something that people do more often.  Actions of this kind are so annoying and should be stopped right away, it sucks to the core and should be avoided. 

5. Talking during a movie 

The best way to enjoy a movie is by offering it your full concentration.  Following the script carefully to get an idea of what is likely to happen remains one of the best-known ways of enjoying movies. However, this ability might be lost especially if you have some people talking as the movie goes on.  

You can never talk in the middle of a movie and still expect to amuse people, it does now work that way.  If you have been doing this and continue to do so even now this is something you need to stop. People might not tell you this but will definitely avoid you next time they are going out for a movie. 

6. Walking slowly 

Walking slowly is not bad, especially if you are just passing some time in the evening. However, when you are in a group of people who need to keep up the pace then this might somewhat be an annoying habit. When you walk with people then make sure you are walking at the right pace with the others to remain on the right track. 

7. Staring at other people phones 

People tend to keep their phones private to them in this technological age. Some even store very essential information on their phones. By staring at some of these phones you might be mistaken for soliciting information from them.  Other than that, you might even make it hard for people to do things in the normal way due to these exact reasons.  

8. Standing so close to people 

 People love their space so much and like to enjoy some time alone. Standing so close to people might in some way deprive them of this liking.  Some people might not even tell you this but they badly hate people who stand so close to them.  Unless there are some compelling reasons to do this, it might not be the right thing to do and qualifies to be called a pet peeve

9. Talking to people with their headphones in 

Better tell them you are not willing to talk, such a sucking pet peeve on the list of pet peeves.  When people talk to you with their headphones the chances are they are giving you an indication of not willing to talk.  It is not something that many people like, it sucks and, in some cases, people consider it to be a way of despising them.  

10. Turning without any signal 

Poor driving etiquette they call it.  Many people have found themselves offended because of this very reason and has in some cases led to accidents.  You might have done this at some point no doubt but it is not the right thing to do at all.  If you are doing so then make sure you avoid it by all means and try to be a good driver


Listed above is a list of common pet peeves that people find so annoying. If you are doing some of these things then know that you have already annoyed so many people already. If possible, stop that before someone comes out to speak about it publicly.  

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