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Are you looking for a place to spend some quality time and breathe from the hustle-bustle of your busy life? Yes, Olympic National Park is one of the best options for you. This place is perfect for those who want to spend some time in the lap of nature.

Far away from the noises of the city. Enjoy the soothing nature and peace while allowing your mind and brain to rest for a little. Let the nerves of your brain relax a bit so that when you get back, they have the energy to start again. 

Here, in this article, I will offer you a complete guide of the Olympic National park, weather, lodging, best places to stay, things to do, geographical location, and obviously the best time to visit this place. So, let’s get started.

Olympic National Park

Let’s gather some basic ideas about Olympic National Park. It is a United States National park, which is located in the State of Washington, that is specifically on the Olympic Peninsula. 

This park has basically four regions, and they are as follows. 

  1. The Pacific coastline.
  2. The west-side temperate rainforest.
  3. Alpine areas.
  4. The forests of the drier east side.

Within this park, you will get to witness three distinct ecosystems. And they include the rugged Pacific coastline, temperate forest, subalpine forest, and wildflower meadow. In the year 1981, this park was designated as an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. 

Now, as we get to know a little about the Olympic National Park, it is time to get to know more about its weather, staying, and geographical locations, things that you will love to explore, and obviously the best time to visit this place.

Weather Report

Olympic National Park weather is variable and really unpredictable. It does not matter what time it is of the year. It is absolutely common to have totally different weather conditions at the same time within the park.

Even during the summer, the temperature of this park can vary from 10 to 20 degrees. And this is more common, especially for the higher elevations and alongside the coast. So it will be best to check the current weather forecast or have a chat with the weather hotline of the park at 360-565-3131 before you are planning a visit. 

Lodging Best Places To Stay

When you are planning to spend a few days there, Olympic National Park lodging has two types of options for you. You can either choose some lodging options that will offer you a place to stay inside the park, or you can choose to lodge outside the park. 

Lodging Inside The Park

Throughout the Olympic National Park, there are several cabins and lodges, which are ready to offer you a range of accommodations. You can choose from a range of rooms in historic hotels dating back to the early 1900s, rustic cabins, or modern motel-type accommodations. 

It is always advised to make a reservation prior to your visit. Especially in the months of July and August, the rooms are booked up really fast. Now let’s have a look at the options that you have here. 

Hotel NameSeason 2021AccommodationsAmenitiesReservations
Kalaloch LodgeThroughout the year.Lodge rooms, cabins, Campsites.Restaurant, mercantile, and gift shop.Visit their official website. 
Lake Crescent Lodge7th May 2021 to 3rd January 2022.Lodge rooms, cabins, Campsites.Restaurant, kayak rentals, and gift shop.Visit their official website. 
Log Cabin Resort21st May to 30th September 2021.Lodge rooms, cabins, Chalets.Laundry, convenience store, boat rentals, gift shop, deli, cafe.Visit their official website.
Sol Duc Hot Spring Resort16th April to 31st October 2021.Suites and cabins.Restaurant, hot spring pool, deli, gift shop, convenience store. Visit their official website. 

Lodging Outside The Park

In the gateway community surrounding the Olympic National Park, you will get various lodging options. In these areas, the options usually range from luxurious to affordable, which include motels and hotels, bed and breakfasts, along vacation rentals. 

Here are the spots where you will be able to find quality accommodations.

  • North Peninsula.
  • West Peninsula.
  • East Peninsula.

Map: Geographical Location

Olympic National park is located in the Pacific Northwest on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. The geographical coordinates of this place are 47.8021° N, 123.6044° W. it is only 1.8 miles from Port Angeles, and Seattle is about 82.4 miles away. 

Olympic National Park map is located 1703 miles away from the Sequim and 47.5 miles from Port Townsend. In case you are coming from Forks or Neah Bay, you need to cover 56.5 miles and 70.6 miles, respectively. 

And lastly, a 1 hour and 43 minutes drive will take you to this place from Hoodsport, which is 83.6 miles away. 

Things To Do In Olympic National Park

The Olympic National Park is not only for witnessing nature and relaxing in your hotel rooms. In order to experience everything, you should try different types of activities that this place has. Here is the list of things that you can try here.

  • Boating.
  • Fishing.
  • Tidepooling.
  • Day hikes.
  • Campings.
  • Overnight backpacking.
  • Wildlife viewing.
  • Some ranger-led programs.
  • Mesmerizing night sky programs. 
  • Winter activities, like skiing, climbing, and snowshoeing. 

Best Time To Visit Olympic National Park

Now when you know almost everything that you need to know about Olympic National Park, it is the best time to visit, and it is July through August. This is the time, while the temperatures of this region are usually warm, most of the roads to this park and facilities are open, and obviously, a full range of programs are available. 

The park also has a digital newsletter named Olympic Bugler; here, you can find the updated list of seasonal activities. Throughout the year, Olympic National Park is open 24 hours a day. But from October through May, Some campgrounds, roads, and other visitors’ facilities are closed, or the hours become more limited. 

As I have already mentioned, the Olympic National Park weather can be really unpredictable, no matter what the calendar says. It also can vary from one part of the park to another. So, before your visit, kindly check the current weather status on the National Park Service Website.

Here is a chart of the temperature in Olympic National Park Throughout the year.

MonthsAverage Temperature (In Degree F)
January34 to 44.
February35 to 48.
March35 to 52.
April38 to 57.
May43 to 63.
June47 to 67.
July 50 to 73.
August50 to 74.
September47 to 70.
October 42 to 60.
November37 to 48.
December34 to 44.

Here is a chart of the precipitation in Olympic National Park Throughout the year.

MonthsAverage Precipitation (In Inches)
July 1.99
October 9.33

What Makes This Place To At Least Visit Once In Your Lifetime?

I have already mentioned that UNESCO has designated Olympic National park as an International Biosphere Reserve. During different seasons you will get to witness different types of natural scenic beauty. In addition to this, there are also a bunch of fun activities, such as the Olympic National Park camping and many more that are pretty much relaxing. This place will offer you a life-long experience. 

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