Unearthing Startling USA Facts You Didn’t Know About

When we talk about the USA, we only talk about its economy or how powerful its defense forces are. Amidst all, we miss out on some of the mind-boggling USA facts.

The United States Of American is also called the land of free. It consists of 50 states, and each has the freedom to govern its territory freely. More than 327 million people reside in America, making it the third-most populous country in the world.

This vast country has influenced the world in many ways. Despite being the most popular country globally, people hardly know about the facts I have enlisted down below.

USA facts That You Didn’t Know About

USA facts

Whether you consider yourself to be an expert on patriotic trivia or think that you know every aspect of the USA, I guarantee that there are plenty of amazing facts waiting for you to be discovered.

Here I have encapsulated this article with the most amazing USA facts you have ever come across.

1. The Statue Of Liberty Speaks French

Well, it is a funny way to start the list. Yes, I have added this for a reason. We all know that the Statue of Liberty is a gift from France in 1886. This is why you will find french carvings on the statue of liberty.

However, only a few know about the gift that America gave France. After receiving a gift from France, America prepared a Statue Of Liberty as a gift three years later. Today, you will be able to see that statue proudly standing in front of the Pont De Grenelle in Paris.

2. New York Was Once New Amsterdam

It is one of the USA facts that most people do know. New York City that we know today, was New Amsterdam as a dutch settlement. The new York name came in the late 17th century when the Englishmen captured it. The Name New York was taken from the Duke of York, who helped the Englishmen capture.

If you look closely around New York City, you will be able to find the plagues of the New Amsterdam wall. It is definitely one of the most amazing interesting USA facts that give insight into USA history.

3. Alaska Was Once Russia

We all know that Alaska is a part of America. We do not know that it was bought by Russia. Yes, you read it correctly. Alaska was part of Russia until the 19th century when Russia sold Alaska to America.

Even though Alaska became a part of the USA, it took more than a century for Alaska to share its name among America’s state list. Today, Alaska is populated by more than 700,000 people and is home to one of the tallest mountains in America, Denali.

4. The USA Has The Longest Cave System In The Word

This is one of the most surprising USA facts that I have come across. The USA has the longest cave system in the world. Who knew Ancient Americans were underworld dwellers? While exploring Kentucky, you will find several natural openings of the cave. And with further exploration, you will find that they have no end.

In fact, America caters to the first cave national park, Mammoth Cave National Park, which boasts about being the world’s largest cave system. While you are out there, just ensure that you are wearing comfy shoes.

5. There Is A City Name Boring

Yes, you read it correctly. America is a country that never ceases to surprise you. This time, it’s a city name. Boring is a city tucked in the states of Oregan about 20 miles from Portland. There is a reason why this city is called Boring. The total population of this city hardly crossed seven thousand, which makes it almost impossible to spot a pedestrian.

Enough with the fun. The real history behind the city name is named after its founder, William H Boring. Being a small city, it was not mentioned on the map. Hence, Boring (Oregan) partnered with Dull (Scotland) and declared august 9th as the annual Dull & Boring day.

6. Does English Is The Official Language Of America? Think Again!

Well, English is the predominant language spoken in the USA, but one of the USA facts is that there are no laws on the federal level where English is the official language. However, there are no federal-level laws; 31 states have declared English to be their official language.

Furthermore, there are states that have declared themselves to be bilingual. For instance, New Mexico has declared Spanish and English to be their official language.

7. Christmas Was Illegal Once

This might be t5he most startling USA Fact I have ever come across. I never knew there was such a history related to the USA until I read it from old history books. Because Christmas has its roots stretched from ancient pagan holidays, the American Puritans were not fond of celebrating Christman with Booze and Carol singing.

The parliament of England mostly consists of Puritans, and hence, Christmas was declared illegal in the 1600s and remained illegal for the next century. It was first legalized in 1836 by Alabama and became a federal holiday in 1870.


So, how were the USA facts? Did you learn something new about Great America? Well, I certainly did learn many things while I was unearthing America’s history to find amazing facts for you all.

These are just only a few that I have come across in my search. How many of the facts you knew about, and what are the facts that you learned today? Do let us know!

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